Nikki began pole dancing in 2005 as a fun way to try to get moving after having a spinal fusion. She instantly fell in love with the strength, grace, flexibility and femininity it gave back to her. After seeing the huge difference it made in her life, both physically and mentally, she decided to become certified so that she could safely instruct others in this movement. In 2008, she opened Descending Angels and became a certified Vertical Dance Instructor.  Nikki has also undertaken other movement studies and certifications over the years, including certifications in Fly Gym and Liquid Motion. Her studio consistently grew over the years and has the reputation of being a safe place to explore movement physically and also in sensual ways without worrying about judgment or body shaming.


Nikki is very grateful for the experiences and people that she has come in contact with through pole. She has performed both pole and burlesque under the stage name, The Descending Angel. While performing can be fun, her true passion is teaching. 

Throughout all of her classes, she encourages you to find your potential and encourages you to love your body and movement. Nikki is deeply committed to the thought that our bodies are natural and nothing to be ashamed of. She wants you to fall in love with yourself. Nothing makes her happier than when she sees a student dancing for themselves with a new found confidence!

Photo courtesy of Bill Welch Photography.