Alyx Iman is a non-binary artist and performer from Columbus, Ohio. With a background in theater, dance, and performing arts, Alyx was introduced several years ago to the world of object manipulation through hoop dance. Since then, they have worked as an acrobat, bodypaint model, circus artist, and fire performer in and around the east coast.

As a queer artist, and as someone who has lived with depression and anxiety since childhood, Alyx feels most passionate about movement art as a means of recovery and a method for healing and growth. Their personal mission is to make yoga, circus, and movement art accessible to all, in particular those living with mental illness or gender dysphoria, who may not feel welcomed or comfortable in more conventional yoga classes. Alyx seeks to create inclusive & loving spaces for circus and movement where all are welcome, regardless of experience, ethnicity, skill level, size, gender identity, sexual orientation, and background.