Our Aerial Flow & Stretch class will get you moving in all directions while staying fully supported. In these sessions we work through smooth flows for mobility and strengthening while also adding in stretch sequences that will leave you feeling loose and relaxed. 

These classes are open to all levels as the movements can be finely tuned for each individual’s need in class. We use our Fly Gyms in this class, no poles. Fly Gyms are hammocks and slings made of a stretchy, comfortable material. These slings may be adjusted in a variety of ways for either extra support or a bit more of a challenge through the flow.

Classes include movements performed on the floor, standing, partially inverted and depending on student level of experience, fully inverted. If a student is uncomfortable with inversions, they may come partially inverted with the body supported in the sling(s) while part of the body is still grounded.

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