Fly Gym is a new concept to some people. While it shares some similarities to other exercises equipment like yoga swings, aerial silks, hammocks, suspended resistance training straps and other exercise programs, the Fly Gym is unique. It consists of stretchy fabric loops that allow you to adjust the swing set for your body size and intensity of exercise. With this system we are moving 360 degrees in any plane of motion. The comfortable fabric straps help to support you to decrease stress on the joints and increase your range of motion. Since Fly Gym is a type of aerial exercise, it’s great for relaxing stretches, spinal decompression, improved muscular balance, core strengthening and so much more. Due to the supportive and versatile nature of the equipment and how creative you may be with it, the options are almost limitless in our open level classes.

Classes include movements performed on the floor, standing, partially inverted and depending on student level of experience, fully inverted. We work with exercises that help to increase flexiility, strengthen and at times may just focus on mobiliztion. 

Please wear comfortable, form fitting, fitness clothes to your Fly Gym classes.Shirts must have at least a little cap sleeve and either pants or shorts are suitable.

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