These party options are a great way to celebrate special occasions like bachelorette parties, birthdays, going away parties or a girls night out. We have several different options at Descending Angels to suite various tastes and budgets. All pole and non-pole parties are instructed by either Nikki or Ashanti. These ladies, along with their pole and fitness credentials, have also been pole and burlesque performers and love entertaining their adoring fans. They will bring that same charisma and sensual energy to your personal event.

To book your party, please email Nikki at In the email please reference the party option you would like along with the requested date and time. Parties may be booked any day of the week, and we are flexible on the time of day when they may be booked. Once a date and time is agreed upon, the studio will send an invoice to the email address you have provided. Please pay this deposit promptly to secure your session.

Mini Pole Party - minimum of 3 - limit of 6

1 hour

$177 ($88.50 deposit, $88.50 due before party begins)

Learn a mini pole routine with your closest friends! Have fun letting loose during these sixty minutes with your friends. Along with the routine that you will learn, there will also be a warm-up and cool down phase. Before the cool down period, you will have a chance to take a couple additional group photos if you wish.

Quick Strip - minimum of 3 - limit of 5

1 hour

$150 ($75 deposit, $75 due before party begins)

Learn to strip out of your choice of four items. Students are responsible for bringing their own pieces. If you are going for a classic burlesque style, some examples are boa, gloves, bra, corset, garter belt and thigh highs. If you are looking for something that you can surprise your lover with on a sexy evening after a romantic date, some examples are hoodie with zipper, button-up shirt, tank top, bra, dress with zipper or jeans.

Slink, Slither & Slide - minimum of 3 - limit of 8

90 minutes

$200 ($75 deposit, $125 due before party begins)

In this hour and a half session, we will go over sensual floor movements for a sexy routine that you can show off to that someone special. Be sure to bring legwarmers or over-the-knee socks and definitely some knee pads. Heels are recommended but not mandatory.

Burlesque Striptease - minimum of 3 - limit of 10

90 minutes + studio provides the pasties

$225 ($75 deposit, $150 due before party begins)

Get ready to strut your stuff in sensual and sassy ways as we strip out of classic items like a boa, gloves, dress with zipper, bra, corset, garter belt, thigh highs or more casual items like hoodie with zipper, button-up shirt, tank top, bra, dress with zipper or jeans. If you like, we can teach you how to sling shot a thong across the room! Participants are required to bring their own items for stripping – please pick four or five. The studio will provide the pasties! You do not have to go all the way down to pasties (layering two bras works well), but you may if you like, or you may just take them home as a keepsake.

Classic Pole Party - minimum of 3 - limit of 12

90 minutes

$257 ($128.50 deposit, $128.50 due before party begins)

Here you will learn classic pole moves like a sexy walk, hip circles and the fireman spin, even coming down to the floor for a good old fashioned bump and grind. You and your friends will love cheering each other on during this session!

Ultimate Pole Party - minimum of 3 - limit of 12, (up to 17 for an additional fee)

2 hours

$333 ($166.50 deposit, $166.50 due before party begins)

This is a top notch party! Two hours in a beautiful studio surrounded by your fun-loving friends. We began, as always, with a warm-up. After the warm-up, your party will be treated with a free- style routine performed by your instructor. It’s like your own personal show! Next, you and your friends will learn a sexy mini-routine. This longer party leaves a little extra free time at the end for additional photo poses or for the chance to get that perfect Snapchat or Instagram video.

Due to the longer time of this party, you may also choose an above option to be fused with your pole routine, like elements from the “Slink, Slither and Slide” or “Striptease”. 

Pictures and videos are welcome during your private parties and make great keepsakes of your event.

Please be respectful of your instructor’s time and the studio’s schedule. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your party, payment will be due immediately to secure the rest of your time. If payment is not received by 20 minutes after your scheduled start time, the studio will close and party will be counted as a no show. No refund of deposit will be given.

Please be sure to fully read all information at time of booking. Our policies are taken very seriously and are enforced.