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At Descending Angels we use professional grade, chrome X-Poles. We offer two sizes, 40mm and 45mm. Most moves will be taught on static, but at times we will also work with poles on spin mode. During freestyle times, students may use either mode that they feel comfortable with. In all of these classes, it is suggested that you pack your pole bag with appropriate attire. Layers are great! Yoga pants, booty shorts, tank tops, sports bras, bikini tops, legwarmers, and optional heels are all great to have. If climbing or inverting, skin is essential for grip. Lower levels may find exposed skin helpful too, especially back of the knees, inner thighs and underarms. Remember to bring your grip aid if you use it. We have yoga mats, but you are also welcome to bring your own. Please remember, no lotion the day of class and arrive to class on time! For safety reasons, you cannot get on the poles with lotion or without being properly warmed­up. There is no exception to these rules. Beginner Steps These sessions are designed for those completely new to pole. Even if you haven't exercised since grade school, you can start and succeed here. Classes are designed to slowly get students acquainted with body posture and basic movement around the pole, all with one foot still firmly planted on the ground. No upper body strength? No problem! Along with supporting yourself additionally in the legs with our step-arounds, we will also incorporate muscle strengthening exercises that you can do at home to help with progression and strengthening. If you are new to pole dancing and do not currently exercise, it is recommended that you start with this course. Pole 1 Beginners can start here or with the course listed above. These beginner spins will take both feet off the ground for those with the arm strength, but we also provide options to stay grounded for those not quite ready for that leap of faith. Our focus here is on posture and safety as you learn how to hold your body in new and challenging ways. Students will work muscles they never knew they had and feel great about their new found skills. Along with spins, we will also learn transitions and sexy floorwork. Pole 2 This level is more for the "advanced" beginner and you do need to have at least 6 weeks of Pole 1 under your belt and your instructor's approval to advance to this class. Body awareness and the strength to bring both feet safely off the floor are a must. Along with learning new spins and other movements, we will start working with making these movements more fluid and graceful. In this class, students will start to step up the pole in preparation for climbing. Pole 3 Now we are starting to get a little higher! Once your instructor has progressed you on from level 2 (8 weeks minimum and passing of strength tests), this level has you coming off the ground in climbs and basic inversions. We will continue to work with more advanced spins and spin combos along with seamless transitions and fluid floorwork to bring it all together. Pole 4 These sessions are only for those completely comfortable in the air and must have at least 10 weeks of Pole 3 completed along with their instructors permission to level-up after passing strength and hold tests. Here we will work on inversion combos that challenge coordination, flexibility and strength. We will continue strength and flexibility training. Think of this level as more of an open level of advanced pole. With a wide array of inversions, holds, and transitions, some students may work on the specific movement or combinations with the move, while for others it may be more appropriate to work on the strength training for the movement or other prerequisite movements or drills. *Taking the minimum number of classes will not guarantee you advancement into the next level. Many students will need longer than that to safely progress. How often you come to class, practice at home or cross­train will be the biggest factor. No one can tell you, "In 'x' number of weeks, you will be able to do ______ move." It all depends on your body and your commitment to your practice. We encourage all of our students to go at the pace that suits them and their lifestyle. Please, do not compare yourself to others. Rather, focus on where you were, where you want to go, and most of all - enjoy your journey getting there. If you have any questions about your progression or how to meet your goals, please talk to your instructor. We want you to succeed and feel great doing so. Pole Flow Students must have at least 3 weeks of Pole 1 or higher level for this open level class. While you may learn new movements in this class, focus will be on linkage of movements and fluidity. Be prepared to drill, drill, drill these movements until they become second nature on both sides. This class will lead you to feel where your body wants to go so you will eventually stop thinking so hard about your next move. Open Level Pole In this open level class, students with at least 4 weeks experience of Pole 1 or higher are welcome to attend. Everyone will learn movements appropriate for their level and there will be a free-style at the end of class to experiment with your movement. Climbs & Inverts This class for for students in levels 3 and 4. We will start with learning as close to the ground as possible, and at times, completely grounded before taking theses movements aerial. Stay grounded to drill the holds or come up and join us in the clouds. Private Class Private classes are great for one-on-one instruction. These are highly personalized and can be used by beginners or seasoned polers who want to hone their skills. Private classes times are listed on the schedule and will include the instructors name. Since private classes may be used for in-depth instruction for any of our classes, please make sure you select a private class taught by either Nikki or Ashanti if you are wanting pole instruction. To view our schedule and pricing, please click here. When scheduling your class, keep in mind if you are new to pole dancing, you must begin with either Beginner Steps or Pole 1. If you have prior experience and want to attend a more advanced level, please email Nikki first to confirm an appropriate level before scheduling.