Let loose and feel connected from the comfort of your home while Nikki guides you through pole dancing. Along with a quality pole, you will need to make sure space is cleared around your pole so that you may move safely as we spin. Be sure not to wear lotion on pole days as it will make you very slippery. For those who are a little more advanced, getting to climbs and inverts, please have a spotter if you are not already solid in these movements. 

Below are descriptions of the classes that we are currently offering. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the studio with any specific questions.

Beginner Series

In our virtual “Beginner Series” we will work for 6 consecutive weeks to really delve in and focus on a solid pole dancing foundation. These 1.5 hour sessions are designed for beginners to build upon a fun dance routine, have extra strengthening exercises to help students gain confidence in movement, and an extended cool-down period to help promote flexibility. Since we are reviewing and building each week, students have a great success rate at learning and retaining the movements that we drill in class.

All 6 classes are purchased at once and there will be video available of the class for 24 hours. Those who register by August 13th can take advantage of our Early Bird Discount, just $108 for the entire series. After that date, pricing will be the full price of $138.

This is a virtual class. Students will be sent a Zoom link for the class. The class is recorded live. If you are unable to make the live with us, there will be a recording that you will have access to for 24 hours.

Spin Pole Flow

Set your pole to spin and fly with us! During these sessions we will explore with creative transitions as we work with the physics and dynamics of a spinning pole and how it effects movement. You are encouraged to dim your lights, put on your favorite music and sexiest outfit as we get lost in our own worlds of spins, pivots and hooks.

Pre-requisites for this class: must have a solid chair spin and solid step-up. We will be working more with flow and exploration, so movements are not typically broken down as they are in our other classes. You will work within your own capabilities and skill-set within this open level class. There will be invert options that can also be subbed out for knee hooks or grounded movements.

This virtual class is filmed and taught live. However, a video link will be available for 24 hours for any who missed the original class or those who would like to review.

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