At Descending Angels we use professional grade, chrome X-Poles. We offer two sizes, 40mm and 45mm.

In all of these classes, it is suggested that you pack your pole bag with appropriate attire. Layers are great! Yoga pants, booty shorts, tank tops, sports bras, bikinis, legwarmers, ankle socks, knee pads and optional heels are all great to have. There is no judgement here on your clothing or style choice. We just ask that whatever you do wear, that it is form fitting so that we may check your posture and form. As you progress, you will need to make sure some areas of skin are exposed for grip purposes. If you have any questions about this, please click on the “What to Bring/Wear” tab when booking your class.

Please remember, no lotion the day of class and arrive to class on time, giving yourself a few extra minutes to get settled and to put away your belongings.

Beginner Steps

These sessions are designed for those completely new to pole. Even if you haven’t exercised since grade school, you can start and succeed here. Classes are designed to slowly get students acquainted with body posture and basic movement around the pole, all with one foot still firmly planted on the ground. No upper body strength? No problem! Along with supporting yourself additionally in the legs with our step-arounds, we will also incorporate muscle strengthening exercises that you can do at home to help with progression and strengthening. If you are new to pole dancing and do not currently exercise, it is recommended that you start with this option. However, if these times do not work for your schedule, you may also register for “Pole 1 & 2”.

Pole 1 & 2

Beginner pole dancers can start here or with the option listed above. These beginner spins will take both feet off the ground (if a student needs a grounded version, that can be substituted). Our focus here is on posture and safety as you learn how to hold your body in new and challenging ways. Students will work muscles they never knew they had and feel great about their new found skills! Along with spins, we will also learn transitions and sexy floorwork for a well-rounded dance style. Students may also begin step-ups (in prep for climbing), so please be sure to wear clothing that exposes the legs or dress in layers.

Pole 2 & 3

This is a split level pole dancing class for those who are of at least a level 2 with our studio. If you are unsure of your level, please inquire with Nikki before registering for this class as everyone attending does need to be of at least a level 2. We work with climbs, inverts (both grounded and aerially), holds and spins. This is more of an advanced beginner/intermediate level pole class. 

Spins, Tricks & Flow

This class is our advanceed option for those who can climb and invert. In this class we will work at times with learning spins, inversions, spin/inversion combos and sensual flows to put everything all together. Since this is a mixed level class, students will learn the approiate movement for their level. At times, conditioning exercises will also be involved along with flexibility training.

Practice Hour

Need more pole time in your life? Occasionally, we will list Practice Hour slots on our schedule. These are 60-minute sessions that are self-lead for current students of the studio to practice on their own. Students must have recently attended at least 4 classes of the discipline that they will be practicing. This is so that each individual is knowledgeable in safety, warm-up, cool down and movement. There is no instruction during this time, but an instructor will be onsite to overview the session. Each individual is responsible for their own warm-up and cool down. 

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