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Company Policy
To follow are policy points for the studio. We take our studio's policy seriously, so please familiarize yourself with it before scheduling any classes. *At Descending Angels, we pride ourselves on being a welcoming, safe environment for all adults to exercise and explore movement. Body shaming, slut shaming, bullying or other negativity is simply not allowed. *Please arrive to your session on time. Not only is it disruptive for the class that has already begun, but it just isn't safe to partake in physical activity without properly being warmed up. This is simple body mechanics, and there is no way around it. Please plan your class times accordingly as your instructor has no work-around for this. *If you arrive late to a private class or party, your session will still end at the originally designated time. Individual late comers to parties will not be allowed to participate if they miss the warm­up. *Class purchases and memberships are non-refundable. Clothing may be returned within 7 days as long as it has not been worn (if shipped, buyer is responsible for all shipping charges). Poles, grip aids and other items are not returnable. *Class purchases and memberships cannot be transferred to other students. *Absolutely no alcohol or other mind/performance altering drugs before or during class (this also includes pole parties). *At least a FULL 24 hours notice must be given for rescheduling any Pole, Fly Gym, Liquid Motion or Yoga classes. If it is less than 24 hours, for any reason, you will still be charged fully for the class. This excludes specialty classes, workshops and pole parties. *All sales are final on specialty classes, workshops and pole parties. Times cannot be changed or rescheduled. *At times classes may be of a split-level. Do not attempt any movements that are beyond your ability or that have not been broken down for you specifically. *With exception to the Fly Gym and Yoga classes, these sessions are not for anyone who has bone, muscle or joint problems, high blood pressure, or has been pregnant/given birth in the last three months. However, if any of these apply to you, please discuss your physical state with your instructor before registering for a Fly Gym (not appropriate for women who are pregnant or recently given birth) or Yoga class and be sure to get your doctor's approval prior to registering. *Lotions/oils cannot be worn the day of your pole sessions, even if applied early that morning. Lotion does not wash off. Rather, it will just continue to seep through your pores making proper grip impossible. If this is an issue, you will not be allowed to participate in the session. No refund will be given. *No jewelry, buckles, etc. that may come in contact with the pole or pinch your skin. *Clothing/shoes cannot be worn that have any embellishments (ex. hooks, buckles, studs, etc.) that may come in contact with the pole and scratch it. *All heels must have a back or a strap that comes around the ankle. Heels must be "stripper shoes" with rubber soles that do not slip. Regular "everyday heels" are not allowed in class - they are not sturdy enough. You may also wear foot thongs and other professional dance footwear. Of course, bare feet are also acceptable. *Street shoes are not allowed on the floor. *Silence your cell phone. No calls or texts during class. *No spectators. *Students must be 18 or over.