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Our class schedule is listed below. It is highly recommended that you register for a class 24 hours in advance to secure your space. Classes which have not met the minimum number for registration may be subject to cancellation. No late arrivals are admitted to class! Not only is it disruptive and disrespectful for your instructor and fellow classmates, it is also very unsafe to participate in a physical class without a proper warm-up. Your instructor can not warm you up separately. If you arrive after the warm-up has begun, you will not be admitted to class and no refund will be given. Please plan your sessions accordingly, taking into account your travel time, any potential traffic, parking or special events in the area. There is a 15 minute window between classes so please feel free to arrive a little early. Please read our Policy page before scheduling. We stand firm by our policy so it is essential that you familiarize yourself with it. Keep in mind when purchasing a "Class Pass", pass is good for 60 days so please plan your schedule accordingly. Monthly memberships are for 30 days, starting on the date of purchase. Pole, Liquid Motion, Fly Gym Single $20 Crawl, Spin, Fly Package (mix or match) of 4 $72 Stretch Class, The Ass Class Single $15 Conditioning 4 Class Pass $52 Fly Gym Savasana (Nap) Single $13 Monthly Membership $180 (12 regular group classes. Excludes privates, workshops, special events.) Private Class Single $65 Package of 4 $240 Gift Voucher book now Pole Party pricing may be found on our Pole Party Page If you are purchasing a package of 4 sessions or a monthly membership, please be sure to click on the "Customer Area" link once you have signed in to make your purchase and then register for your classes. Packages of 4 expire two months after purchase.