Beginner Level Pole Dance Intructor Training

November 9th, 10th and 16th

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This immersive 3-day course will take place on November 9th, 10th & 16th from 1-8pm, with a 30-minute dinner break each day. This is open to all who would like to gain the knowledge that is needed to teach or even to just deepen their knowledge for their own personal practice. It is recommended that trainees have a good grasp on level 1 and 2 pole moves or fitness/dance experience. Sixty dance moves will be taught and broken-down in addition to conditioning, warm-up and cool-down exercises. We will also go over anatomy and body mechanics to round out this beginner level training course. Trainees will be instructed on how to put together a lesson plan of a short choreography which they will also then teach to their fellow classmates on our 3rd day. Written and practical exams of a passing grade of at least 80% will be needed to pass and complete this training. You will be provided with feedback notes from your instructor about your practical portion so that you may grow and learn from the experience. We realize that this is a lot of information to take in over just three days. That is why we have a week’s time between the first and third sessions. This allows time for review, practice and study before our written and practical exams on the third day. One re-test is allowed at no additional fee within 6 months for those who may need additional time for testing. Any additional testing or private sessions will be available for an additional charge.

All students will receive a digital manual and video library of dance movements. Please bring something to take additional notes with, snacks, bottled water, and be dressed to move.

Trainees do not have to have a 1st Aid/CPR certification before registering, but they must have proof of this upon completion of testing to pass this course.

Full price of the 3-day course is $500 with payment plans available (please email studio with inquiries). 

There is no stated or implied promise of employment once completing course. However, for those interested in teaching at our studio, you must pass this course to be eligible for a pole dance instructor position. 

There are no make-up days or refunds. Trainees must attend their entire allotted time to be eligible to pass this course.