Heel Workshop

Saturday, March 28th

Heels make our legs look long and lean, and make our muscles pop! Not to mention how they can instantly make us feel sexy and confident – that is, if we can walk and dance in them. In this workshop, Nikki will lead conditioning and mobility exercises for lean legs, strong ankles, and perfectly pointed toes. We will also practice a few walks and floor movements where ankle strength and leg conditioning is vital. If you have a pair of heels*, by all means bring them. But absolutely no worries if you do not as you can also take this class in a bare feet. Everyone will also need to bring a pair of ankle socks. Even if you never care to wear heels while dancing, this workshop will provide excellent practices to put into place to make your walks and lines look elegant, whether barefoot or in your mini 7-inch stilts. 

Workshop is one hour. Tickets are regular price $25. Members are able to purchase for $20. Please use the ticket link to reserve your space as spacing is limited.


*Pleasers or Ellie brand heels. The studio also has a limited quantity of Pleasers in stock for purchase.